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This space isn’t like the rest of the site. Instead of breaking news, interviews, reviews, and coverage of your favorite authors, here you’ll find all the stories that take place behind the scenes. Prepare to finally read the BTS stories about the stories you love, told by Ryan Steck, author of Fields of Fire and Lethal Range, and The Real Book Spy himself.



August 10th, 2023: Behind TRBS Blog #1About the blog, my most embarrassing moment in publishing, and the most searched-for terms and phrases that have brought people to The Real Book Spy

In the first ever Behind TRBS Blog Post, Ryan Steck dishes on his most embarrassing publishing story, reveals which author has unknowingly brought more readers to The Real Book Spy than anyone else over the last nine years, teases a few forthcoming projects, and more!

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August 27th, 2023: Behind TRBS Blog #2 – What I’m Reading, A Few Book Recommendations, and More!

In his second Behind TRBS Blog Post, Ryan Steck talks about launching his second book, Lethal Range, before offering some must-read book recommendations and revealing what he’s currently reading and which book reviews are on deck!

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October 8th, 2023: Behind TRBS Blog #3 – A Book Announcement, Mitch Rapp, and Some Reading Recommendations

In his third Behind TRBS Blog, Ryan Steck continues to tease a huge forthcoming announcement about his own career as an author, plus announces a book, teases another, touches on everything he’s been reading (both for work and for fun), and reflects on the Kyle Mills era of the Mitch Rapp franchise. Dive in for plenty of book recommendations and fun!

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February 6th, 2024: Behind TRBS Blog #4 – Mysteries, Thrillers, Writing Update, Podcast Stuff, and 2024 Coverage Plans

In his fourth Behind TRBS Blog, Ryan Steck talks about coverage plans for 2024, explains why TRBS is embracing more mysteries, and even dishes on what to expect with the new TRBS-affiliated podcast, The Run On, which is now on Twitch. He also offers a writing update on his first Alex Hawke thriller and touches on the forthcoming release of his next Matthew Redd book, OUT FOR BLOOD.

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