Andrews & Wilson Sign New Book Deal with Blackstone Publishing to Continue Their Shepherds Series


Authors of the Tier One series and the forthcoming Tom Clancy Act of Defiance, Andrews & Wilson, have signed a new book deal with Blackstone Publishing to continue their Shepherds series.

Currently three books long, the Shepherds series—which kicked off in 2021 with Dark Intercept and continued in 2022 with Dark Angelfollows former Navy SEAL Jedidiah “Jed” Johnson, who, in the first book, takes a “leap of faith,” literally and figuratively, to embrace a set of gifts he was born with, in order to fight a dark and evil enemy. The faith-based series, which was originally published by Tyndale House Publishers, will now move to Blackstone with Rick Bleiweiss acquiring the fourth book, Dark Rising, after an exclusive submission from Gina Panettieri at Talcott Notch Literary Services on behalf of Bran Andrews and Jeff Wilson. Most recently, Jed and the rest of the cast of The Shepherds were seen in Dark Fall, which features a plot revolving around Jed, now the leader of the Joshua Bravo team, and his search for a new energy-based weapon that’s rumored to have fallen into the wrong hands.

While details about Dark Rising are being kept under wraps for now, I did reach out to Andrews & Wilson, who, speaking exclusively to The Real Book Spy, provided the following statement:

After defeating Victor in an epic showdown at Saint George’s Academy, Jedidiah and the Shepherds have the Dark Ones on their heels. During the respite, Jed decides to take a much-needed vacation to the Dominican Republic to rest, heal, and recuperate. But all is not as it seems in the Caribbean paradise. There are whispers of a growing darkness in Haiti—children disappearing on both sides of the border. When Jed personally intervenes to stop a kidnapping on the streets of Santo Domingo, he finds himself drawn into conflict with a secret order intent on bringing forth the Dark Rising. Voodoo, zombies, and the history of the Dark Ones all factor into this fourth installment of the Shepherds series.”

Not for nothing, but I’ve got good reason to believe that readers should watch for a romantic twist for Jed in Dark Rising, though saying anything more may venture into spoiler territory.

We’ll have plenty more info about Dark Rising—including a release date, full product details, and a peek at the cover art—in the coming months. In the meantime, go pre-order Tom Clancy Act of Defiance, in stores May 21st, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to grab Four Minutes, available everywhere on April 2, 2024.



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